Welcome to Jerkland

Welcome to Jerkland

let's laugh

Frustration Galore

The politics of this country will destroy it. We seem to be living in Jerkland. I thought that we need to add a little humor to the tales.

August 5, 11

Did you ever try to write a joke? My best attempt is:

What type of pasta does a lawyer keep in his safe?

Answer: Spaghetti put in escrow.

  When I started this blog in June, I thought that I would be able to comment on the government's solving the debt crisis. Unfortunately they never did. The arguments presented convinced me that I am living in Jerkland.

"If all the Economists in the world were laid end to end , they still could't reach a consensus."

A world occupied by jerks, who are threatening our country by their asinine demands now.

Where were they when Reagan tripled the deficit from $1 trillion to 3 trillion in 1986, or when Bush 41 added another trillion and Bush 43 added about $8 trillion (Clinton had a $650 billion surplus)?

They were signing the Norquist pledge for "No New Taxes," of course the pledge should have added "and No New Spending" that would make sense, if people were really concerned about the debt and not just about paying less in their own taxes. 

Now at $14 trillion they’re complaining.

During this time we witnessed the head Jerk of the International Monetary fund and a local jerk Brooklyn congressman acting out their sexual foils.

A mother was washing her three year old in the bathtub, when he pointed to his testicles and asked "Is that where my brains are?" she answered 

"No, not yet son."

One thing is that the jerks are all over, Europe is cratering financially, Ireland, Spain, Greece, and now Italy are all in trouble.It appears to be the human condition that we all want more and thought we found a way of getting it through debt. Now we find it must be paid back. Oh horrors.

Let's understand that starving the government is not the way to kill a recession or a depression. The last depression started in 1929 and despite all of Roosevelt's efforts, it did not end until the country used massive government spending. It wasn't the economists that recommended it. It was world war two. The government hired (drafted) 15 million service men. We went into massive debt, but put the country back to work, and saved the world from a dictator. Well spent. 

Now we are on the brink of a depression or at least a double dip recession, and the answer is that the government should spend less money?

Welcome to Jerkland.