Trump and Putin

            The price of oil has fallen over 50% in the last five years. The Russian economy depends greatly on its oil revenues. Putin, although still popular, is losing supporters as the Russian economy continues to fall.

From Bloomberg (9/26/16)

As President Vladimir Putin further tightens his grip on power after dubious elections that gave his party an absolute majority, Russia is sliding into protracted stagnation. The Economics Ministry has adjusted downward its forecast through 2019 and Russia is now expected to underperform the global economy even more than previously anticipated.”


Donald Trump is indebted to Russian oil oligarchs who lent him hundreds of millions of dollars to build properties in Russia, which are now turning unprofitable due to the poor economy.

In 2010 Donald Trump Jr. mentioned Trump’s Russian involvement.

Trumps son, Donald Jr. told a real estate conference that a disproportionate amount of investments comes from Russia.”


            The first sign of Russia being involved in Trump’s campaign came when his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was summarily fired and Paul Manafort was hired to take his place. Who recommended Manafort?  His previous job was working for the Kremlin to overthrow the Ukrainian president. Manafort promptly hired a group of people who lobbied to change the Republican platform, from the US helping the Ukraine in case of a conflict with Russia, to not helping at all.

            When it was revealed that Manafort was paid $12 million for his work in the Ukraine he immediately quit and was replaced with Kelly Ann Conway.

            During the campaign Russian hackers supplied Wikileaks with 50,000 emails hacked from John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager.

            How will Putin benefit from Trump? He will do it by increasing oil demand. He will cut out café standards on auto mpg. He will reduce environmental laws concerning pollution. Putin would like to see a secretary of state that can work with him. Rex Tillerson chief executive of Exon is on the list. With the US and Russia pressuring Saudi Arabia, oil output will be reduced, and it’s price will double, saving the Russian economy.

  Trump is taking care of environmental laws by nominating Scott Pruitt, a climate change denialist, director of the EPA.


            Vladimir Putin will benefit greatly if Trump’s actions increases the demand for oil. What Trump’s reward is that Russia will forgive his debts to them and not bankrupt him.