The Children's Hour

      Retirement has many advantages, and one is to have time to enjoy each morning, no matter how long it takes.  To eat an enjoyable breakfast, not rush it and then sit back, relax with that second cup of coffee and the morning paper or news on our iPod/Pads. My wife Irene and I call  t      his time "The Children's Hour."

            The secret of a successful Children's Hour is obtaining the required ingredients, Breakfast, Paper, and soft music, each morning.

 The Breakfast Menu

            The breakfast chef (me), arrives in our kitchen each morning and cooks a delicious low carb, low calorie breakfast for the couple in the bedroom. Each of the below meals average less than ten total carbs The menu includes one of the following:

Poached eggs on very lightly buttered low carbohydrate bread.

Egg white Omelet with American cheese and broccoli. Also a slice of low carb toast lightly buttered. 

Half a low carb Toasted Bagel with Lox, cream cheese, slice of tomato and a slice of onion (optional).

Cereal (low carb) with fruit and/or banana with Almond milk.   

Scrambled Eggs, with ham and shredded cheddar cheese. With a slice of toast.   

Basted egg, on fried bread, with two slices of bacon.

French Toast (low carb) with bacon

The Obomelet: The Obomelet is a premium omelet, made occasionally when all the ingredients and the time are available. See Recipe at end of story.


          A tray is prepared with breakfast, including coffee, the NY Times, and generally, either some melon slices or grapefruit, and brought to the room of the "Children.”

          Breakfast is slowly consumed as the stereo softly plays the likes of Teddy Wilson or Fats Waller through the magic of Bluetooth and Pandora.

         The paper is then shared until we each are finished with it. Irene then takes the Arts section and does the crossword puzzle. We both check our email and Facebook accounts on our iPod Pads. Irene also has blogs she likes to read and I like to check sports and the markets.

        We usually go to sleep pretty late, typically between midnight and 1AM. So the Children's Hour starts around 9 or 9:30 and can last past noon before we have showered, dressed and go out to meet the day.

            Once a week the chef has a day off and we have our children's hour at Peter's Diner.


 The Obomelet

    This is a really different omelet than you find in your average diner. It is sort of like a cheeseburger using the egg instead of the bread. Try it.

Ingredients: Three eggs, 1/4 lb.  chopped sirloin, 1/2 cup chopped onion, about 2oz Kraft Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese,

Beat the eggs in a blender

 Cook the sirloin thoroughly and chop it into small bits while cooking.

Cook the chopped onion in butter until it is slightly glassy.

In a Ten inch or so frying pan with medium heat, coated with butter (or Pam) add the eggs and as they are cooking, on one half of the eggs, add the chopped onions, then the chop meat, then the  shredded cheddar. An optional ingredient is some chopped Jalapeño.

             When the egg is cooked enough, fold it over the meat and either allow it to cook till the cheese melts or if you have a large spatula you can turn it over.

Serve with either sour cream or guacamole.