Is Donald Trump suffering from Dementia?

 Donald Trump over the last month has shown signs of dementia. We must first realize that Donald’s father had Alzheimers Disease and at 71 years of age it is quite possible that Donald is facing the same fate. He first exhibited this problem when he was talking to Netanyahu in Israel on his mideast tour.

See this video:  Trump Netanyahu

When Trump returned to the United States a twitter from “Rogue White House Snr. Adviser said that Trump need help to find his office. Here is the tweet.

  May 28

I think Pres' dementia got visibly worse during overseas trip - now can't find his own way to Oval Office w/o assistance. Lost child.                     347 replies1,766 retweets4,043 likes

  Alzheimers disease starts with lapses into dementia. One of the latest attempts to reduce the dementia that comes from Alzheimers disease is Flashing Light therapy presently being tested at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

See page: Researchers Test Flashing Light Therapy for Alzheimer’s

The same day that White House Snr. Advisor mentioned Trump’s dementia, flashing lights were seen in the second story windows of a White House room that night. When questioned the Secret service claimed that it was caused by an ambulance light. However when you look at a photo of the lights it is obvious that they are from inside as there is no light flashing on the building itself.



Since that time Trump has had another episode when he exited his plane and failed to see the limousine waiting for him.

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