Educating Harry

The mess we call Politics

The country is heading into big problems and yet all we see is a congress that knows nothing and is bought by big business, and the military. Harry's story illustrates a big part of the problem.

A story by Frank Greenhalgh 6/16/2011

For twenty-five years Harry Morris ran the family hardware store in his small town of Huffing, Iowa. He was not normally a very political person, just an average Republican, like all his customers. However, when he was told that Obamacare would force him to buy health insurance for his employees, he became furious. The thought of a black man telling him what to do did it.

At the suggestion of a friend he attended a Tea Party meeting, where he met many of his customers who shared a fear of Obama for both real and fictitious reasons. Harry bought into many of their fears and felt guilty that before he got involved in the Tea Party, he was not even aware of the problems this black president was causing. Although he voted for McCain, he wasn't upset when Obama got in. "That was before I knew he was a tax and spend socialist from Kenya who would have Obamacare cover illegal immigrants on my taxes,” Harry thought.

Harry stopped watching ABC and started watching Fox news. He started working with the leaders of the Tea Party, recruiting and speaking at meetings. At 45, Harry still looked as trim and athletic as he did in his high school football days.His wife sang in the choir of the Huffing Methodist Church, Harry was active in the Rotary and the Masons. A perfect candidate for Huffing's Tea Party thought the leaders. They asked Harry if he would run as the Tea Party candidate for Congress in the 2010 Republican primaries. Harry accepted the nomination, never thinking he could defeat Bill Coles, a third-term Republican incumbent.

Harry looked at it, as a chance to get the Tea Party's message out at the upcoming meetings and debates.

The Tea Party provided the campaign funding using money they received from the Koch Brothers, through a PAC. They used robo calls attacking Coles for voting for Obama's budget in 2010, and through emails telling the same story.

Harry won the Republican primary, and in Iowa that was all he needed. The Democratic challenger was a multimillionaire egomaniac who was nominated because he promised to finance his own campaign. He received 40% of the vote compared to Harry's 53%. A Conservative party candidate garnered the remaining vote. The election took place and on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010, Harry became the representative-elect. It seemed so easy.

What wasn't easy was what to do next. Harry could leave the store to be run by his wife, sons and employees. However although he knew how to repair a lawnmower, he had no idea what congressmen do. Here he is 45 years old, starting on a new career, one for which he had never been prepared. He had been well received by the audiences in the debates. But of all the Tea Party people he knew, none had ever held an elected office.

That problem was solved when he received a phone call on Wednesday from Frank Jones. Frank had been the representative in Harry's seat before Bill Coles. Frank congratulated Harry and offered to help him get started in Washington; "Will you be coming down next week for the freshman orientation?" Frank asked.

Harry told Frank he knew that the government had a freshman orientation week for new members of congress and asked if it was necessary that he attend.

Harry said, "The Christmas season is almost on us and that means that the store has to be completely changed. Orders have been be placed for trees, both live and artificial, tree decorations, indoor and outdoor lighting, manger scenes, advertisements planned. I really need to stick around.” Harry's store was not small as it served Huffing and the farmers surrounding the town.

Frank said that the orientation would be helpful. They put you up in a hotel, bus you to the Capitol, and show you the buildings in which you will meet and work. Seminars are held regarding voting procedures, ethics, and many other subjects. There will also be many dinners and opportunities to meet lobbyists. The most important thing is the office lottery. As a freshman Harry would participate in a lottery to select an office suite. Although they all are about the same size their location relative to the Capitol could mean a five to ten minute walk between them. Frank suggested that Harry send a staff member down to select an office when his lottery number comes up. Harry said he really didn't have anyone in Huffing familiar with Washington. Frank suggested that he would send one of his staff to look after Harry's office. Frank said "We'll make sure you get the best one available." Frank suggested that Harry come down on December 28th, the Tuesday after Christmas and return on Thursday the 30th. This will allow him to get settled before congress opens on Jan. 5th. Harry agreed.

On Tuesday the 28th, Harry took an early morning flight to Washington National Airport. Frank was at the gate to meet him. Harry had never met Frank before, but recognized him immediately. Frank sort of stood out. He was in his 60s, about 6 ft tall, ruggedly handsome. A perfectly coiffed head of white hair and a tailored Saville Row suit finished off his appearance.

They walked to Frank's car, a large black Lexus sedan. When the doors closed there was complete silence.

Frank started the conversation by remarking how much has changed since he left office in 2004."We were on a roll then. We passed Medicare D, a $750 billion program. Of course it didn't kick in till 2006. In 2004 I left Congress to spend more time with my family.

"After a couple of years my kids were off in college and I missed Washington, so I came back. I work for Cooper Potter, a law firm in town. We represent a lot of companies trying to tell their story in a noisy environment. I told them I would help you get settled."

They drove to a small Italian restaurant on K street for lunch.

Frank said that he had made arrangements for Harry to share a two-bedroom apartment with Ryan Miller, a representative from California, whose previous tenant lost in the November election. Miller, a sixth-term Republican from Northern California, had a reputation of being a moderate, as he had to be in a Democratic state.

Harry told Frank how excited he was to be part of the Tea Party take-over in Washington; "I originally joined the Tea Party because of Obamacare, but there are all sorts of other issues I learn't about that we also need to address. I'm not even sure Obama is a citizen, and we have to stop Government spending, and cut taxes."

Frank replied "You're going to need money."

Harry said, "I'm getting a $175,000 salary, with all benefits, and I'll make at least that from the hardware store. I'm fine."

Frank replied "I'm not talking about living, I'm talking about getting re-elected. If you expect the Tea Party Revolution to take place, you guys are going to have to be here more than two years. For your re-election in 2012 you will require a minimum of $2 million just for campaign staff and TV ads. This means raising over twenty-thousand dollars a week.".

Frank told Harry not to worry; he would help him staff his office. As a representative Harry could hire up to 18 full time staff members and four part time. The total salaries paid could add up to over two and a half million dollars. Frank suggested that Harry split the staff equally between Iowa and Washington.He gave Harry the card of Joel Cohen, who used to work with Tom Delay, and recommended him as Harry's, Chief of staff."Joel already picked out a nice office for you. it's in Cannon, but just a short walk to the underground." Frank said as he handed Harry two keys, one to his new office and one for the apartment. He also handed Harry an envelope from Joel that had his congressional pin and other information.

They next drove to the apartment. On the way Frank drove down Independence Ave. and Pointed out the Capitol building on the left and three buildings on the right. Those buildings were where the representatives had their offices and staff. The third building was the Cannon House Office Building. Harry's office was in the rear west corner. Frank turned left on 5th street SE for two blocks and dropped Harry off in front of the apartment building. It’s a good location Frank said, within walking distance to the Capitol.

The apartment consisted of a combined living/dining room/kitchen as you enter. The kitchen was on the far right. The living room area on the left had a large Hi Def. TV setand DVD player in the corner.Two black leather sofas separated by an end table faced the TV. Three remote controls were on the end table. There was a large rectangular wooden table with four chairs placed between the sofas and the kitchen. On the sofa side, newspapers and magazines were stacked in a single pile. A couple of dirty dishes were on the kitchen side.

Harry’s bedroom was a good-size room with a bed, a desk, an armoire and a chest of drawers with a 15" TV on top. A door on the left side led to a bathroom with a sink and stall shower. The room was painted a neutral beige color, as was the whole apartment.

Harry unpacked, hung up or stored his clothes and set up his laptop on the desk.

A Wi-Fi signal was present but needed a password. There was no phone. He went to the refrigerator in the kitchen, found a beer, took a glass and returned to his new bedroom. He took out his Blackberry and called home, telling his wife how great everything was.He said that he would be meeting with the Tea Party reps in the House tomorrow to protest funding Planned Parenthood, and then check out his new office. He relaxed on the bed, went through the schedules of meetings, lunches, protests, and tomorrow's Tea Party positions.

Each day all members would receive an email discussing the "Position of the Day." They were asked to discuss this with any interviewers or other congressman. The idea was to create a unified viewpoint that would appear in the news. The next day’s point was the fact that Planned Parenthood provides abortions, and this must stop.

At about five o'clock Ryan walked in. Ryan was about six feet tall, early forties, slender, clean-shaven and bald. He grabbed a beer, introduced himself to Harry and explained that the apartment was his, and Harry would pay half the rent, utilities and cleaning-service charges. The total would be a little over $1500 a month.

"Not bad for Washington," Harry thought. Ryan suggested that they grab dinner together, and get to know one another. He said there was a Japanese restaurant just a few blocks over on Pennsylvania avenue. Harry had never been in a Japanese restaurant in his life. “I won’t know how to order, he thought." But he said, “Sure, let's go.”

At the restaurant they ordered Scotches and looked at the menu. Ryan saw that Harry looked confused and suggested that they get steak. Harry agreed.

When the waiter came around, Ryan ordered "shabu shabu" for two.

Then Ryan said, "So Harry, you’re a member of the Tea Party? What is your big issue? Why did you leave the good life of a successful entrepreneur in Iowa to come to this den of thieves?"

Harry didn't know what to say; he felt embarrassed. This guy refers to the House of Representatives as a den of thieves. "He thought, he is in it, and has been for twelve years.

Ryan smiled. "Just kidding," he said. "We all aren't thieves, just some of us. But tell me, what is your big issue?"

Harry said that he objected to the government's socialist trend. "I want government out of my pocketbook. I worked hard for my money, and I don't want my taxes to subsidize the education of illegal immigrants, or pay for abortions, and I don't like a black man running my country.

"I felt so strongly about it that I joined the Tea Party and became active. When they asked me to run for congress in the Republican primary I said OK if they would pay for my primary campaign. It was a cheap one, using email lists and robo calls that pinned Bill Coles to Obama.” Harry was proud of his accomplishment and smiled.

The waiter appeared with two plates of steak, each was a pound of raw beef, sliced paper-thin and laid flat on the plate. A pot full of broth with a flame under it was placed in the center of the table, and various bowls of condiments and vegetables were placed around it. Harry and Ryan were given bowls containing a dipping sauce.

Ryan pointed to the marbleized beef on the plate with the strips of fat running through it. "That is what separates Japanese beef from American beef," he said. "The fat in our grade A beef is 8% maximum. Kobe beef runs about 25%. It's the fat content that makes Kobe beef taste like you're eating butter.The beef we are eating tonight was about half way there at 14%. It comes from Japanese Wagyu Kobe cows, imported to Athens, Texas, and fed the same diet as their Japanese relatives. Eventually the Texas rancher expects to equal Kobe, Japan, but hasn't yet.

Ryan picked up a slice of his beef with his chopsticks, dipped it in the simmering broth for about 10 seconds, removed it and placed it in his bowl with the dipping sauce, and then lifted it to his mouth. He repeated the action with vegetables, letting them accumulate in his bowl while he got another piece of beef to go with them. Ryan explained that you should put the beef in the broth only long enough to melt the fat, which is absorbed by the broth. Ryan suggested that Harry try it.

Harry looked down and realized that there was no fork, only a spoon and chopsticks. He had never used chopsticks. As he fumbled at first, Ryan patiently showed him how to keep one stick stationary, using his thumb and index finger to grab with the upper stick.

Harry got it quickly and started on the steak and the cold Saki Ryan had ordered. As their plates of steak emptied, a young waitress came and put the remaining vegetables and tofu into the broth. After about five minutes she returned and ladled the soup into bowls. Ryan said "good soup" and Harry said "and good Saki."

Ryan ordered another carafe of Saki to go with the soup, and asked Harry about his family. Harry said that he was a typical Iowa citizen, Republican, Church going, played high school football, paid his taxes, married twenty years, two sons, one in high school, one starting college. He grew up working in his father's hardware store after school and eventually inherited it. His Tea Party affiliation has only been in the past year. "What about you?" he asked Ryan.

"You really stepped in shit," Ryan said. "In one year you go from selling feed to farmers, to landing one of the greatest jobs in the world. Damn!"

Ryan smiled, "I on the other hand climbed the ladder of success step by step; A Bachelor in Political Science, followed by a Law degree, community organizer, state assemblyman and finally congress.

"I felt I had a cause. In Northern California we are very worried about the destruction of our environment. I ran because I wanted to stop allowing logging on Government land, I didn't want to drill in Anwar, or offshore California and Alaska. The big surprise was that I won running as a Republican. But I had the right issue for my constituents.”

Harry asked, "Were you able to get any bills passed?"

"Many,” Ryan answered.“ None for the environment, but that's a long story."

They walked back to the apartment, Ryan gave Harry the password for the Wi-Fi, and went into his room.

Harry called his wife checked his emails, watched Fox news and fell asleep.

On Wednesday morning Harry walked to the Capitol steps and met with his fellow Tea Party representatives in front of the Capitol building at 10 a.m. A lectern with a microphone and speaker were set up. There were only about a dozen members present, and they were outnumbered by the press and TV reporters covering the event. The speaker for the Tea Party was Congresswoman Sarah Berman, whom Harry had only seen on TV. She was very attractive. "The government supports Planned Parenthood even though it is providing abortions. Sarah told her audience. "By cutting its funding we can help balance our debt and stop abortions." Everybody nodded their heads in concert. The reporters and cameras disappeared and they all walked back to their offices.

Harry thought, "Welcome to the morning photo op." It was over in about 10 minutes. He realized that, although he was part of the Tea Party in Congress, he barely knew any of the other members.

Before Harry walked to Cannon he opened the package Frank had gotten from Joel for him. The package contained Harry’s congressional pin, and associated identity papers. There was a map of Cannon with Harry’s new office and suite of cubicles for his staff circled. Harry had no problems with security, he didn’t try to avoid passing through the metal detector, which many congressman appeared to be doing. He walked for what seemed to be a mile along wide marble corridors until he found his office.

It was fairly large. There was a beautiful wooden desk with a phone, a leather swivel chair behind it, a sofa, two bookcases, two leather chairs by the desk, a wall shelf behind the desk. There were no windows, no bathroom and no closet, just a coat hanger on the door. Harry wondered if the furniture was Government Issue or if the last guy just left it. In any case it suited Harry fine.

The phone rang and Harry answered it. It was Joel Cohen. He said he was in the area and was wondering if they could have lunch. Harry agreed and Joel said he would pick him up at noon. Harry wondered how Joel knew his number when he didn't even know it. He noted the number and extension on the phone and recorded it in his Blackberry.

Joel took Harry to the “Good Stuff Eatery” on Pennsylvania avenue. There Harry had what he thought was the best hamburger he ever tasted.

Joel was thin, about five foot eight, with a short well trimmed, beard. He and Harry discussed Joel's job as his Chief of staff and fund-raiser. Joel recommended that Harry hire half his staff in Washington and the rest in Huffing. Joel said "you also have$75,000 to spend for computers printers etc., and as soon as I get some campaign money we can hire a campaign staff of one or two, to run fundraisers and publicity.

Joel said he would arrange things and produced a series of papers for Harry to sign, giving Joel power to open accounts and prepare a plan for office staffing.

Everything was happening so fast, Harry was amazed. Here in two days he had an apartment, a chief of staff and fund-raiser. Joel seemed to be totally knowledgeable on how to raise money and how to hire staff.

Harry returned to the apartment that evening, Ryan asked Harry if he wanted to join him. He was going to a local Italian restaurant.Harry agreed. They walked to the restaurant. Harry ordered veal Parmesan, Ryan ordered shrimp scampi, and a bottle of Chianti. As they enjoyed their first glass, Ryan asked Harry how things went.

Harry told Ryan "I'm very happy. I've already settled in the apartment, my office is fine, and I've already hired an excellent chief of staff, Joel Cohen."

"How did you find Cohen?" Ryan asked.

"Frank Jones," Harry replied.

"Of course," Ryan said. "He really is looking after you. And how did the Planned Parenthood meeting go?"

Harry said "Disappointing, I didn't know what to expect, but this thing was a 10-minute photo opportunity consisting of Sarah Berman and some handouts and more press than Tea Party members. Ryan smiled. "Are you strongly against abortion or are you just a good Tea Party member?"

Harry hesitated a bit and answered, "I'd be a hypocrite if I said I was totally against abortions, when I encouraged and paid for my sister's daughter to have one. She was just sixteen and the guy was a bum."

Ryan asked, "Well, why protest then?"

Harry, "Because I'm a Tea Party member, I guess.”

Ryan, "You guessed right, and that is an interesting point. When I first joined Congress, I was very excited, thinking I could participate in saving the environment. I soon found out that the only environmental bills there were Democrats-sponsored, but I voted for them anyway. After about six months, I was called in by the party leadership and given the talk.

“I was told that I have to understand what a wonderful opportunity it is to be in the House of Representatives, and asked if I ever realized that it was going to cost me at least two million dollars every two years to protect my seat. I was told, ‘you know it is impossible for you to raise that kind of cash without the party to help you. If we don't steer campaign contributions your way and decide to run a challenger in your primary. You will be broke in no time.

"‘If, on the other hand, you are willing to cooperate with us, we will try to supply you with all you will need to keep your seat and not run a challenger against you in the primaries.’”

Ryan continued, "I argued that it would be hard for me to get elected if I voted against environmental issues.

"They agreed and told me that I could vote for environmental issues that are already decided one way. However on tight votes I might be told to either abstain or vote with the party. If that ever happens I will be provided with cover stories justifying my vote. Otherwise I will have to vote 100% with the Republican Party.

"It appeared that I was making a deal with the devil. They included in the deal two lobbyists to ‘assist’ me in writing my legislation, and told me I would be sponsoring financial legislation, not environmental. I said I would think it over.

"That night I had a hard time sleeping. On the one hand I have a great job, good pay, amazing benefits, fame and power. However, it costs one million a year to have it, and I had no idea how I could raise anywhere near that much money without the party’s help.

"On the other hand if I don't accept, I will be on the streets looking for a job.

"In addition, I was promised that if I cooperated, I would be considered on the short list for a lobbyist job when I wanted to retire.

"The next morning I called and agreed to be a loyal Republican. So for the last five terms I have been a good Republican. Unfortunately I am now being blamed for the deregulation bill that caused the real estate crash."

"Did you write it?" Harry asked.

"My lobbyists wrote all my bills. That was one," he answered.

Ryan continued, "Harry, let me tell you how it works. Politics today is similar to professional sports. There are two leagues, the Republican league and the Democratic league. Each league has a set of owners to whom they are obligated. The owners provide teams of lobbyists to write the bills for Congress to vote for.”

Ryan stopped, sipped his wine, looked at Harry directly, leaned forward and continued, "Harry, what happened was that at first I resented it, but after a while I realized that I wasn't alone. Actually I was in the majority. When you think about it, this has been going on for decades. So if you don't sign up, you are not around very long. Look what happened to Arlen Spector. He was a loyal Republican from 1965. Then with one vote supporting Obama's budget bill he was gone, replaced by a better soldier.

"Understand the owners are interested in one thing only, and that is your vote. There are only 435 of these votes and a simple majority of 218 votes is all that is required to steer the rudder of the world's largest economy in directions you wouldn't believe. I know because I participated in it. You can act as crazy as you want, as long as you get re-elected and deliver your vote. I see this happening–politicians who have sold out, feeling useless, then supporting one crazy idea after another, as long as it doesn’t involve their selling out the country but gets them publicity or money. The Birthers are a good example of this craziness."

Harry gulped, being a Birther himself. "Who are the owners?" he asked.

Ryan answered, "First and foremost is the military. In a 1961 speech, exiting President Eisenhower warned the country of a 'Military-Industrial-Complex.'

"We didn't listen, so since 1961, this MIC has grown to cost the U.S. at least $800 billion a year, more money than the rest of the world spends totally. The Pentagon achieved its power by distributing its huge budget to projects in many states. For example, today we are building an unneeded F35 engine in 40 states. The MIC owns both the Democrats and the Republicans, so military support is almost automatic. Even when Secretary Gates tries to cancel programs, Congress won't let him.

“We hear complaints that we must increase our spending to keep up with China. China's annual budget is about $80 billion, 10% of ours, even though China has five times as many people.

"For the Republicans the health-care and insurance industries are special. In 2004 they passed a $750-billion Medicare Drug bill at 3 a.m. with Vice President Cheney breaking a 50-50 tie. The bill refused to allow the government to negotiate drug prices, meaning the drug companies can set any price they want. U.S. citizens must pay retail while other countries can buy the identical drugs at a discount. It also restricted Americans from buying drugs from Canada in order to evade high U.S. prices. This is an example of your representatives at work.

"That doesn't mean that the health-care industry doesn't contribute to Democrats–you will find Reed and Pelosi very high on their list.

"Big oil also contributes plenty to both parties. No one is taking away tax breaks and subsidies from these companies, despite their huge profits, and large national companies like Walmart and GE generally split their donations, keeping their bets open.

"Last but not least is Wall Street. The Wall Street Banks, Insurance companies, and Hedge Funds own the Republican Party in particular. Their mantra is no new regulations, and no new taxes. Hedge-fund managers making billions get away with paying only 15% and no Republican or Democrat is trying to change that.

“Goldman Sachs sold billions in subprime mortgages to foreign banks, and then bet against them, The average Goldman employee makes five-hundred-thousand dollars annually, and the partners, Tens of millions.

"During the last vote on the Dodd-Frank Bill, Wall Street spent $1.4 million a day lobbying against it."

Ryan continued, "On the Democratic side we have a slightly different story. Besides the military and the health-care industries, the Democrats are beholden to Unions, Lawyers, Hollywood, and large donors like George Soros. This gives Democrats a different set of priorities. Democrats have to cater to the poor and middle class, while Republicans cater to the rich. It's that simple."

The waiter cleared the table and brought two orders of espresso and tiramisu.

"Then comes the middle men, the lobbyists," Ryan continued. "They are a well-organized group of organizations, consisting of a combination of lawyers, specialists and retired congressmen. The companies pass down their desires to the specialists and lawyers. They research and write the desired legislation. The ex-congressmen use their influence with their friends in congress to pass their legislation."

Harry was taken aback. "You make it sound like the whole system is corrupt," he said.

"It is,” Ryan answered.

Harry spoke what he believed."The Tea Party will change that. I can already see that we can exert great pressure on the Republicans."

Ryan smiled, " Harry, your Frank Jones has been a great help to you this week. Frank's firm, Cooper Potter, is one of these lobbyist firms representing the medical industry. Frank was awarded the job because of his hard work passing Medicare D. He retired in 2004 so that he could be eligible for a lobbyist’s job in 2006.

"Meanwhile your new office manager, Joel Cohen, just got out of prison. He was involved with Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay in bilking Indian tribes of millions of dollars, promising to prevent other tribes from competing. Good luck, Harry."

As they walked back to the apartment, Harry was quiet. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't fire Joel – he just hired him; and what would he have done if Frank hadn’t been there to help him?

Ryan asked, "What's tomorrow's talking point, Harry?”

"We want to cut funding to National Public Radio to lower the budget," Harry said. "Great,” Ryan answered. ”we are facing a fourteen-trillion-dollar deficitand we will fix it by cutting $80 million from NPR. Hands off the trillions on Wall Street."

Harry was silent. He really liked Ryan, it seemed that even when he criticized something, he wasn't angry. He's more amused that humans act the way they do.

Harry went to his office Thursday morning. His flight back to Iowa would leave National Airport at 2 p.m. He hoped to meet some fellow congressmen, but many of them had earlier flights and didn't even show up. Joel appeared at the door of the office. "Can I come in?” he called. Harry waved him in. Joel sat down in front of the desk with a file folder. He opened it and handed Harry a couple of sheets of paper.

"We are doing alright," Joel said. "I got a campaign donation of twenty-five thousand to start. So I hired Bill Wolf, an ex-congressman, to develop a plan and budget for next year’s campaign."

Harry was afraid to ask, but he did. "Thanks, Joel. That was fast. Where did the donation come from?"

"The drug company Aventia. They have a new product coming to market and need some help pushing the FDA to approve it. I told them you would sign this petition. There already are fifteen others." Joel handed Harry the petition. Harry looked at the other signers. They were all Tea Party members. Harry signed the petition and wondered if all the Tea Party congressmen been taken into this like he was?" It felt creepy.

"What firm lobbies for Aventia?" Harry asked. "Cooper Potter," Joel answered. “You'll find they are very helpful."

"I see. Tell Frank Jones thanks again from me. I have my bags here, and I have to get to the airport.”

Joel offered to drive Harry, and Harry accepted. Harry was quiet during the short ride to National Airport. When they arrived he told Joel that he would see him next week and jumped out of the car and into terminal. It was only 11:30, giving Harry a two-and-a-half-hour wait. He left because he didn't want to spend any more time in his office talking to a convicted felon, who is now his chief of staff. He headed to the Royal Air Club, of which he was a member, went right to the bar and ordered a double Scotch on the rocks, found a nice leather chair, sat down and watched Fox news. Harry felt a little bit better.

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