Washington DC

Protest Time

On May 9, 1970, four days after the Kent State killings I attended a protest march on Washington to protest the war in Vietnam. 

As I had just built a darkroom and had my new Minolta SLR, I took a lot of pictures. 

     The scene in Washington was interesting. The White House was surrounded with school buses to protect the president. The mall and reflecting pool were totally without government enforcement. Apparently the police vacated the area although the only laws being broken involved nudity and marijuana. 

     I was approached by someone from George Washington University. He offered to develop all my pictures and send me the negatives and prints. I refused of course, it was obviously a CIA trick. But why were they so afraid of the crowd that they wouldn't even send a photographer. The killing of four students at Kent State  four days before, probably spooked everyone into thinking the protesters would have guns. It shows how divided the country was then.

In any case, let me share theses photos.     Photos