Krakow Poland

Trip to Europe

When I closed my business in 2000, I still had 300,000 points or frequent flyer miles on my AMEX. I had them transferred to Delta and in 2005 my wife, I and daughter Susan, flew to Poland and England business class round trip, using up 270,000 miles. Krakow Poland was a real treat.

In May 2005 we took a trip to Poland, visiting both Warsaw and Krakow. 

The Photos of Krakow show the square, where the church is located. Our favorite restaurant was Chlopske Jado which served native polish fare.

 Sylvester, the manager of Bozena, a Polish restaurant in Lindenhurst, used to work with Martin, at Ariel, a "Kosher" restaurant in the "Jewish Section" which featured a Klezmer band. Sylvester told me that the restaurant was just "Kosher in Name" that there were no Jews left, except possibly the Klezmer band. Click on a photo and use the Arrow to go forward and back.

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