Grindle Goes to India

A Trip to India

The movie "Grindle goes to India" was first shown locally to Amityville churches, women's club, AARP etc. It was very well received.

     When I retired in January 2000 I decided that video editing would make a good hobby. Computer speeds and storage were now approaching the levels that would make it possible for amateurs to produce decent videos. I bought A Sony Computer, Adobe Software, two Sony cameras, I took a course (with Irene) on using Photoshop.  Now I was prepared and wondered what I could shoot for a movie. 

     Then Girrish called. As a Sai Baba devotee, Dr. Girrish Dixit had put together a singing group called Sai Lahari. They specialized in singing "Bhajans" or spiritual songs of praise, in different languages. Girrish told me that his group was planning to go to India and sing for Sai Baba. 

         As a Sai Baba devotee, I had assisted the local organizations providing sound systems. I also recorded Girrish's group and produced a CD for them. Girrish asked me if I might join them, as he would like me to record their performance in front  of Sai Baba. I immediately answered yes. Here was my movie opportunity. In August 2000, I travelled to India. It would be my fourth visit but my first armed with a video camera.

The movie is under 50 minutes long. I have divided it into three 18 minute segments to please YouTube. It will show India in many areas. Enjoy.

"Grindle goes to India Part One"

"Grindle goes to India Part Two"

"Grindle goes to India Part Three"

Hinduism and Sai Baba a separate 10 minute video, worth watching.

A good deal of the sound track was provided by the recordings of Sai Lahari, I made in my living room.