Cruising in Alaska (22m)


We very much enjoy cruising and  have been on about 18 cruises all over. The Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, Halifax, and Transatlantic. I didn't expect Alaska to offer anything different, however we all were just blown away by the scenery and wildlife there. 

  I hadn't made a movie in about six years but the opportunity came this fall when we went on a cruise to Alaska. I used a new pocket sized camera and was surprised at how good its videos and stills were. The whale chase was taken with a camcorder. As there was eight of us, I asked for photos and was presented with 1900 of them. It seems people keep taking digital photos. 

 This movie shows the cruise experience and the sights offered by the Alaskan environment. 

It also shows how with today's computers a person can tell a story using photos, videos, music, and spoken dialog, and then share it on the Internet. Click on arrows in lower corner to view full screen.  Enjoy