There Comes a Time

Just as the muse hit me, BACCA had a song writing contest and one genre was Religion. There comes a time was the result.

THERE COMES A TIME                  back to Music
INTRO: The mourners came to pay their last respects. The Preacher stood and said to the crowd. Again we witness another needless death. He gave his sermon clear and loud. HE SAID:

There comes a time in each Man's life
When an audit he must take
He must observe his inner self
Is he real or is he fake
Has he climbed the highest mountain
Or are his feet made out of clay
Would he feel that he had pleased his lord
If his end would come today.
We all must face this audit
Our conscience will decide
It can shine a light on things
That from others we can hide
We all have inner shadows we prefer not to face
And that is why God above offers us his Grace

Come to the Lord and give him your soul
Come and you soon will find
When you let God take control
You will have peace of mind

There are men who crave for power
and those who lust for fame
They don't care who they hurt
They ignore the blame

But as their life grows shorter
and their luck begins to fade
It gets hard to face each day
 living in the shade
Their "friends" all desert them
Their money can't buy love
They don't know that what they need
 comes only from above

So take this simple message
It's God that we all need
Take your soul to him today
And you will be freed

Repeat Chorus