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And then I wrote:

In the summer of 1992,I was sitting on the porch of a cottage on Lake George. As I strummed my old Martin Guitar over a series of chords, a melody and phrase came in to being. The words "Every time I see your Face I thank the Lord above me." fit the chords and melody I was strumming. I continued to write, and play on the song.  I worked on the Lyrics into October and it became a love song to my wife Irene. 

     Having written the song, I next tried to record it myself. This involved building a recording studio in my home. I used a computer program to generate the accompaniment. It sounded a bit amateurish, so I then had a country western studio in Kansas City, MO, produce it for me. I have included both versions.

 Once the muse hit me I continued to write. Next I wrote "Letter of Transit" a whimsical song based upon the Movie Casablanca. I was very fortunate to have Manny Corallo to arrange and play the accompaniment for me.

To enter a Bacca song writing contest I wrote and recorded "There Comes a Time"for their religious entry. I didn't win.

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Every Time

Letter of Transit

There Comes a Time

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