Jan 15, 2012   Grindle Celebrates 75 years in Song with a CD 

    After 75 years of life and 54 years of a very happy marriage, I would like to leave this CD of songs, to remember this period of my life. The Photograph, (see below) shows a young grindle looking at the Islands of Lake George from Black Mountain. I chose it because it reminds me of the days when it was fun to canoe three miles from your campsite and climb to the top of a mountain to view nature’s scene. Alas those days are gone and as I turn 75 years of age, I decided to look back on those years in song (of course in the eyes of an old man).  I chose the songs I enjoy that have had meaning in my life. Surprisingly my voice hasn’t aged as badly as the rest of me. Please give a listen, thank you.

 You Make Me Feel So Young

            This is All I Ask


              Thats Amore

             Mac the Knife

             All of ME

            Glad to Be Unhappy

            All I Ask of You (Phantom) with Paige Bade Ankudovych

             I've Got the World on a String

            My Way

Seventy Fifth CD