The Answer to the economy problem.

The Answer

If we look at the economy Pie chart, there is only one item that can have its expenses reduced and not threaten our government operations, or entitlement programs, and that is military spending. In 2010 it was $664 billion. In 2011 it will rise to $800 billion.

Why doesn’t anyone ask: How do we spend $800 billion dollars a year, and we really are not in a world war, but just a “counterinsurgency” in Afghanistan and “training” in Iraq? The reason is that nobody will break out where we are spending (some would say wasting) our money.

The “counterinsurgency” in Afghanistan will cost $120 billion in 2011 and the Iraq presence will cost an additional $50 billion.

If those two wars cost $170 billion, where does the other $630 billion go?

   The United State is the only country in the world to use nuclear weapons. Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed over 200,000 people. Imagine what we could do with the four thousand even more powerful hydrogen bomb missiles that our government maintains. Are we crazy? We would never use them. It would bring on Armageddon. Still we pay billions to maintain them. Get rid of them.

The United States maintains troops in South Korea, Japan and Germany: Hangovers from different times. We can stop being the “cops of the world.” Bring home the troops.

The most waste in the military comes from programs buying equipment to fight the cold war and not the present conflagrations.

This is our problem; congress will never stop the military spending, even though it is wasting taxpayer’s money, because they are all paid off by military spending in their districts.

Ask, how is it China with five times as many people, spends one tenth ($80 billion) as much as the US.

The reality is that if we left Afghanistan and Iraq, cancelled all the unnecessary equipment programs, we could cut the military budget in half saving about $3 trillion in the next decade, without really affecting the governments obligations to the people. Additional revenue should come from closing tax loopholes, tax breaks, and additional taxes on the wealthy if necessary.

Unfortunately congress is lame.