Tesla Q3 Conference Call Nov. 2014

 I recorded the Tesla Q3 conference call. It is 1 hour and 11 minutes long. I thought that the best way to listen is by listening to all answers on a single issue. 

Model X Deliveries 6min. 28 sec.

The recording below consists of questions regarding the Model X. In the first one, Musk is very candid. He states that the drive train for the X being the same as the P85D is no problem. He then mentions the Falcon Doors and the Second row rear seats, as being a problem along with a "few other things".

   I suspect he is talking about the Falcon Doors which probably are having hinge and seal problems due to the heavy door and the aluminum roof. My guess.  The rear seats have very little leg room and he will have to find about 6 inches before they can be really usable for seven adults.

  Musk’s comment singled out the Falcon Doors, and the second rear seats. These are not small problems, especially the 2nd row rear seats, they presently are a joke, even the first row of rear seats have very little leg room (see here). 

The Falcon Doors might require beefing up the structure.  Again the Falcon doors could be replaced with normal doors. 

Another question asks Musk about deliveries of already ordered Model X and he answers for orders placed today (Early 2016). No comment on already ordered units. 

Here are the Model X questions from the CC.


Here is the total call, It is 1 hour and 11 minutes total time.