Between the years of 1997 and 2001 I was hired by Electronic Design Magazine to write a bi-weekly column for a new website they were starting called "". It was designed to attract electronic engineers to the site and sell computer chips on the site. Although most of the columns were contemporary and pretty technical, I find on review that some make pretty enjoyable reading today. I have included:

Memories and comments

Summer of YO: My summer with a YO YO and a future occupation.

The Digital Bomb: If you think that Cyber warfare is just starting, consider this story.

Is Female Engineer an Oxymoron?:  This column was prompted by an article in the New York Times and my own experiences. It received many comments.

Back in the Days of Radio:  A story of how it was for a young boy to grow up with "Radio", as compared to what my grandson is growing up with in todays life.

Zen Engineering: A story of how a Zen Tea Ceremony can change ones life for the better.


The South Wind Heater Story:  A sad story about a failed project to put a heater in a 1958 VW. 

An Unforgettable Night: The successful story of a Volkswagen Engine rebuild including the scary parts.