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    Hi, welcome to the "Musings of an old Man." Thats me, Frank Greenhalgh in a picture taken with my Wife on my 75th birthday , born, January 15, 1937, I am now 75 wonderful years old. 

        To Celebrate I Recorded a CD singing my favorite songs. Please give a listen by clicking here.

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       When you reach this age, you find you have more memories than energy for new projects, and so I decided to make my next project a collection of my memories of past projects. A website seemed like a good place to collect them, and thus on June 21, 2011, I started my collection. I will continue to blog on current events, and add more photo albums, stories, videos and music as we progress. I hope you find them interesting. 

    From the time I was a young boy I had a love for electronics or as it was then called, radio. My fascination never stopped. I became a radio amateur and repaired TV sets in my teens. Next came two years of college and three years in the Navy, teaching electronics. After the Navy a series of jobs.

My career as described below by Electronic Times in 1999.

"About the Author :  Frank Greenhalgh has been working in power supplies and systems for 38 years. He has many impressive accomplishments and patents. Over the years he has made significant contributions to Trio Laboratories where he held the position of Chief Design Engineer and was then promoted to Vice President. He co-founded CEAG Electric Corporation (now ABB CEAG) and developed the first mainframe power system using the droop paralleling concept. He has written numerous articles and columns, presented papers at the milestone PowerCon convention and consulted for ABB CEAG and other companies. Recently his accomplishments include the development of two Web sites, www.fgl.com with the Power Corner and www.amityville.com. Frank is presently functioning as "Director of Technical Sales" for Toritsu Tsushin Kogoyo Corp."

I Retired in 2000 at age 63.

Hobbies and interests, include,ham radio, computers, playing guitar, singing, song writing, photography; both still and video, film making, canoeing (Fulton chain), Mountain Climbing (Marcy), camping (Lake George islands), Skiing, Basketball, Ping Pong and Politics. 

     Unfortunately at my present age the physical hobbies are no longer in reach, and so vacations are now cruises, and much time is spent writing, reading, and now building this website. I will keep adding content so explore it often. Thank You

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My family, 

My wife Irene aka Beaux

We were married 53 years ago.

Beside being a wonderful mother, Psychiatric Nurse, 

and Wife, she also is a very talented Artist.

See her website: click here

Daughter Jane

Daughter Susan

Grandson Jacob (starting his Senior year)


Son in Law Michael

barm family

The Family

Also three cats , Smoke, Rex, and Sammy. All three came to us as strays.