A Night at the Red Blazer Too

It's Saturday evening January 15th,1994

   Welcome to the Red Blazer Too, located in Restaurant Row, on 46th Street between 8th and 9th avenues. Come in with your date, enjoy a good meal, and when your finished sit back,have a drink and enjoy the music. That guy in the corner table with the headphones on and a mixer board is me. 

The band might start with some pure dixie. 

Like Muskrat Ramble, 

a little later Bob and the band team up on a medley,

next back in New Orleans

and then time for some slow dancing

      Bob invites a woman in the audience to come up. She is Laurel Watson, a singer who had sung with Ellington and Basie in her career. She sings to a woman in the audience. "He may be your man,but he comes to see me sometime."

It's getting late, time to go, but you had a great time in New York City, listening to the Saturday Night Stompers.